• Trace de Vie

    LE REFUS DE PRECIPITATION Regarder la lente déambulation de l’escargot se transformer en un sillon de lumière. Cet étrange animal, très différent de notre anatomie, nous incite à reconsidérer notre besoin de rapidité et de productivité :  et si nous imaginions un progrès qui prend son temps, plutôt …

  • Fran, Steve, Peter et les autres

    « Fran, Steve, Peter et les autres » est un espace que l’on aborde de l’extérieur et de l’intérieur. Au départ surfaces de projections où se dessine une ville animée et scintillante, la pièce incite à passer de l’autre côté de l’écran et à dépasser les …

  • SonoScriptum Prototype

    One of the prototypes resulting of my ATAATA residency at Colab AUT Auckland. Sonoscritpum is a new interactive art work that aims to create a drawing surface where the paintbrush is your voice, or anything that produces sound. LED lights are programmed to be sensitive to …

  • PongWall prototype

    I’m working on a new bright and colorful wall project in interaction with the public. I try to set up an experience at the same time sensitive but also with a production cost as low as possible per square meter.

  • Tamales in Bogotà : Puerta Falsa

    Close to the Bolivar Plaza a nice place to test a Tamales with a cup of coffee or Agua de Panela : la Puerto Falsa. with a such breakfast you are no longer hungry for the rest of the day.    

  • Dos Gatos Y Simone Bogota

    A great Mexican restaurant in the university district. A very nice atmosphere inside, the fish is fresh and the lemonade is worth the detour.        

  • Waterlight Graffiti Madrid

    In 2017, on the occasion of the 4th centenary of the beginning of its construction, the Plaza Mayor of Madrid will be more than ever at the heart of the cultural life of the city. Rich in its history and popular character, it will be the …

  • Lasercutting

    I am in fast training to learn how to use the laser cutting from the ICI Montreuil MakerLab.

  • Waterlight Graffiti Aurora Dallas

    picture by : Jae.S lee for the « Dallas morning news » Waterlight Graffiti was present for the aurora festival in the largest version ever exhibited so far. It was a 20 meters long wall that was presented to the public in Dallas during two nights.