The Book Eniarof

The Book Eniarof


ENIAROF was born under the impetus of Antonin Fourneau and Douglas Edric Stanley in 2005. The principle is inspired by the funfair of the early twentieth century, when people could discover unexpected things, sometimes very innovative as the first movies from Lumières brothers or even with the freak shows. 

More than 20 ENIAROF have emerged around the world, and the concept has grown to maturity. The project has seduced a whole community that follows the different events. The team decided to write a book of recipes about how to make an ENIAROF. It contain 19 attractions explained in details and a plenty of tips about coding, making, cooking, electronic…

Who knows ? Maybe after reading this book, you’ll want to create your own attraction or organize the next ENIAROF!

Book in French
Illustration by Clorinde Durand
Photos by Manuel Braun
296 pages – soft cover

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Editions 1980