Antonin Fourneau

Luminous Memento

Luminous Memento is a memorial in homage to the citizens of Poitiers died in various conflicts since the First World War.
The names of the deceased appear and pass through a translucent concrete to digitally engrave for a moment their memory in the stone. To honor the missing, every anniversary arises several times their name to commemorate beyond their death, the birth of those citizens who defended France.

A web site connected to the memorial allows to consult the date of passing the name of a deceased on Luminous Memento. It also includes the date of birth, date of death and for some people, the words « death for France ».
The database of the monument at the inauguration the 11th November 2016 included 2107 names.

Luminous Memento
a creation by Antonin Fourneau
Digital Memorial, 2016 – Ville de Poitiers

Programming: Manuel Deneu
Development and Electronics: Alexandre Saunier and Grégoire Lauvin
Assistants: Alexandre Boulet & Thibault Serrin
Graphics and design: Loïc Horellou
Manufacture: Atelier Jean-Loup Bouvier
Structural studies: Stono and I2C
Production Managers: Emma Monteil and Adrien Frappat