Antonin Fourneau


Antonin Fourneau

Antonin Fourneau lives between Paris and Marseille, works all over the world, drawing inspiration from both diverse cultures and local practices. These ingenious and original creations focus on the interactions between the history of technologies, games, light, sound and cinema. Antonin’s work takes different forms : installations, attractions, objects and events.

Graduate from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art d’Aix-en-Provence in 2005, with its collaborative project Eniarof proposing a new form of creative funfair. Antonin wrote a book « Eniarof – User guide to make a funfair  » in May 2017. Eniarof is in full swing, in France and abroad with 29 editions in 2020.

His work seeks to generate pleasure by interacting with the audience. Between 2007-2010 he was selected for residencies in Tokyo, Madrid, Paris and Lorient focused on his project Oterp, a geo-localized mobile game, a kind of musical PokemonGo, inviting you to get lost in a sound field. In 2012, after a trip in China where he discovered the practice of Dishu,

Antonin developed and patented a project for a moisture sensitive material that lights up in contact with water, called Waterlight Graffiti. This technically smart creation provokes such amazement that it is regularly exhibited internationally.

Fascinated by the public’s reaction, Antonin continues to be interested in smart materials today. However, he is also considering working on non-human forms of interaction. During the ATAATA residency at AUT University in Auckland (NZ), in 2017, he began a research project on sound, drawing and color, from which a new project Sonoscriptum emerged in the spirit of Waterlight Graffiti.

In 2019, Sonoscriptum has been exhibited in Reims for the Nuit Numériques festival, also at the Biennale du Design in St- Etienne and as well as at Japan in Festa Luce Wakayama.

In addition, Antonin teaches New Media Design at EnsAD Paris, in the Textile and Materials Design section, and co-led the Game Oriented Design (GoD|Art) research group for four years. Antonin is also a guest speaker in various schools.