Antonin Fourneau

Waterlight Graffiti published in a street art book

Proud to be published in the book « Street Art – Jeux éphémères » edited by Tana editions and written by Sophie Pujas.

After the great success of the first book « Street art, urban poetry » Sophie Pujas returns with a new work dedicated to artists of the ephemeral who reveal the poetry of urban landscapes.
Brighten up and poeticize the city without harming it: far from the graffiti that claimed the « massacre » of the walls and on the fringes of the large frescoes, visible and perennial, some artists have thought of a less intrusive approach to urban art. Playing with the ephemeral, they imagined interventions
devoid of any notion of destruction, by deploying a wide range of media and techniques, often very fun. The rise of ecological awareness has renewed these alternative practices.

Through 8 thematic chapters and 21 portraits, this book testifies to the inventiveness of these everyday scenographers who punctuate the city with works of mud, chalk, wire or light, reveal the poetry of the walls by reverse graffiti, sow at the corner of the streets silhouettes of paper or wood, transform salvaged materials into works of art, or multiply the patches of vegetation by declaring guerrilla gardening.