Antonin Fourneau


Golf is a sport for the wealthy people playing on lawns maintained with plenty of potable water. A sport sometimes disconnected from our ecological and economic reality. Some politicians like Trump, practice it as his country hits 100,000 dead from Covid, while others in Mellila, Spain, play it as migrants from Morocco step over fences. There is even talk of golf as a political instrument in the United States, allowing the elites to enter into negotiations. Golf is the sport of social distancing par excellence both literally and figuratively.
What if golf could engage another discourse, be played by other social classes? Mini-golf makes this practice accessible to the less well-off. In miniaturizing golf, mini-golf designers must use their creativity to sow the obstacle course on a smaller scale. Mini-golf is therefore found to be much more creative in its appearance than its big brother Golf. It is thus a richer medium of expression. The Eniagolf installation will seek even further to shake up the codes of this sport by creating a set of tools and instructions to transform any space into a mini golf course by recycling local stuffs and garbages.